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30.Dec.13 9 months ago
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before Jimmy Kimmel Kanye’s interview was praised and quoted left and right. and after they are trying to act like what he said was stupid! that’s exactly WHY he went off because stupid shows always try to discredit him and his abilities! It just takes one stupid joke on a show to make everyone jump to the conclusion that Kanye is dumb and childish.. even though that’s not what people got out of the interview before that spoof.


with that said. #teamKanye

27.Sep.13 1 year ago


Here’s a new video I made called Jesus Quoting Yeezus. Yes, these are actual lines from Kanye’s Yeezus coming out of the mouth of Jesus (me). Big thanks to Will Reese for his hard work shooting and editing the video. I hope you like it!

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Bathe in the blood of your vanquished enemies.

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Blood on the leaves

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Kanye West

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